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Drone Ready Aviator Bags Launched by Manfrotto

Drones have initiated a revolution in the world of technology and as the features and their functionalities get bigger, the actual size of drones seems to be diminishing. The reduced size and enhanced features have become the heartthrob of millions of aerial photographers and cinematographers out there. A couple of new drone-ready aviator bags have been introduced by Manfrotto that have been engineered for the new smaller generation of drones such as the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Manfrotto Aviator Bags Hover-25 Backpack

The Manfrotto Aviator Hover-25 backpack is the first of the two newly launched products. It has been designed for seasoned photographers who need to carry their drone as well as other photography gear on the go.

drone bags

A dedicated pocket has been provided for the DJI OSMO as well as the DJI Mavic Pro so that you get all the requisite equipment for capturing aerial and ground-based shots. There are tons of room for accommodating other accessories and you can even shove in a tiny mirrorless if you really feel the urge. A dedicated protective compartment has also been provided for the iPad.

The aviator bags are made of highly resistant, breathable materials to ensure premium protection for all the adventure enthusiasts out there.

The Aviator is not simply a backpack that has been molded into one for the drones. It offers characteristics that ensure additional protection for some of the more delicate components of the DJI OSMO and Mavic Pro Platinum. The Manfrotto Protection Systems ensures that the control sticks and other moving components such as the gimbal are afforded additional safety.

Manfrotto Aviator M1 Sling

Sling bags have been tremendously popular among still photographers and Manfrotto has adapted a design for the drones. The bag has been engineered as a sling, waist pack, or pouch that impressively houses your DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

Aviator Bags

These kinds of aviator bags have been built for the adventure aficionados who love to be engaged in relentless outdoor excursions and consist of weather-resistant materials. The special DuoFace cover protects the bag from inclement weather conditions. The Manfrotto protection system keeps the delicate moving parts and gimbals safe and sound.

Equipped with special theft prevention zip sliders and concealed pockets, the M1 ensures that all your precious belongings stay safe while you are out having the time of your lives and capturing stunning imagery.

The new Aviator bags are available for £59.95. Here is a link to Manfrotto’s website for more details.

If you have a DJI Mavic, you may want the best drone bags for it. Make sure to buy it without wasting any time.

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