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Can you take a drone on a plane? Here’s all you need to know

It seems like you’re traveling on a plane with your drone: But Before that, a question might disturb you can you take a drone on a plane? Well, a simple answer is Yes you can carry your drone with you while traveling on a plane until and unless it’s the battery is below 100 watt-hours. Don’t know how to check your battery? It’s damn easy: You can simply check your battery rating by reading your drone manual. Note: Make sure to check your battery type too whether it is a lithium-powered one or LiPo ones.

If your drone on a plane works on a lithium-powered battery then you can carry up to 100watt hours battery. In case you exceed 100 watts an hour then you can get in trouble. When a passenger transports on a plane, drones are considered personal devices like your phone and laptop. Make sure that you carry these devices with your carry-on luggage. If your drone on a plane contains lithium-powered batteries then it’s essential to carry your drone in a carry-on bag. Make sure to check the Best drone bags for traveling.

Now you might wanna know why batteries of more than 100-watt hours arent allowed: It’s because the amount of energy these types of batteries contain can create problems. So If you are carrying a drone with you then I will recommend you to submit a mail to Department Make sure to submit the application before 10 days of your flight.

 I would like to advise you to check the airline’s policies in which you are traveling and your battery type with its power.

Some Essential travel tips for a drone on a plane:

A drone is a great source to make your vacation and travel more interesting but there are some tips that you can follow while flying a drone. Excited? These tips will help while traveling and flying your drone:)

Purchase a bag for your batteries

If you own a big drone-like DJI Inspire 2 then you’ll probably need to check in. Don’t put your drone’s battery in a checked bag, it can put you in trouble. In my opinion, it’s better to purchase a drone bag it will help you to keep your drone on a plane safe as well. If you really love your drone and are concerned about it then a drone bag is a must.

Read local Drone rules

It is really important to know the rules and regulations before flying a drone so make sure you have to look at the rules before you fly your drone. Laws vary from country to country so don’t expect the same laws in every country and I will recommend you to check the rules on the aviation authority official website.

Charge your drone on a plane

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It is really important to charge your drone. Ever found a perfect location for flying a drone and at the moment you realized your controller is not charged. Tip: Carry a power bank with you that will help you charge your drones.

Weather forecast

Before flying a drone at any place I will recommend you to have a look at weather forecasts and wind speeds. If you love your drone and are concerned about it then beware of Strong winds as they can harm your drones so it’s better to have a look at weather reports before flying a drone.

Wrapping Up on drone on a plane

That’s it for this article. I hope that now you know whether you can carry your drone on a plane or not. I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you have any queries regarding it freely ask in the comment section. In the end, I would like to say that It’s better to check all the specs of your drone and guidelines of various airlines before traveling by your drone on a plane.

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