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5 Best Flight Bags and Drone Backpacks for Pilots

There are numerous drone pilots out there for who drones have come up as ideal replacements for cameras during traveling. Whether they are on their way to a hike, visiting a beach, or spending some quality time away from home on a vacation far away, drone pilots love to carry their drones along with their accessories in drone backpacks.

Recently, the transportation of drones has become amazingly seamless thanks to their foldable designs and other advanced attributes. However, we still prefer getting our hands on a drone bag or a backpack that has been specifically designed for carrying a drone along with its gear. If you are a frequent traveler, then we suggest you try out any of the following cool drone bags for the ease and better safety of your drone.

Here are the 5 best flight drone backpacks and backpacks for drone pilots:

1 – LowePro DroneGuard BP 250– Drone Backpacks

We begin with LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 developed by a brand that is renowned for its photography and camera equipment. The BP 250 has been designed with precision and smartness and boasts a build quality that one would expect from a brand as big as LowePro.

Designed for carrying easily portable drones such as the Mavic series from DJI and the EVO from Autel, the LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 has sufficient room for housing a drone along with its accessories which can be comfortably organized thanks to the padded dividers and elastic straps. The BP 250 also comes with a specially designated compartment for a laptop or a tablet and a small pocket along with shoulder straps for a smartphone.

The outer part of the LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 is made of compression-molded FormShell material. This is a soft protective layer that provides sufficient impact resistance to the drone bag. The moisture-wicking back panel at the back of the bag keeps the owner cool and comfy during travels even for longer durations of time. When it comes to the build quality, there is no fuss about it!

It should be noted here that the LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 is a relatively compact-sized drone bag. It offers ample room to house an ultra-portable drone, a few extra batteries, and some charger cables, but drones with larger controllers may pose a bit of a challenge!

2 – Torvol Rucksack for Racing Drones

What is really exciting about the Torvol Rucksack for Racing Drones is that it is no-nonsense about it. This does not give the appearance of a backpack that would be able to house plenty of expensive electronic gadgets. The Torvol Rucksack for Racing Drones boasts some of the most imaginative design elements thanks to the simplistic yet highly functional features.

As is evident from the name, the Torvol Rucksack has been engineered especially for drone FPV racers. This may appear to be a weird option, but the reality is that the front panel of the drone bag opens up to transform it into a temporary workstation. If you have ever been into FPV racing, then you must be aware of the fact that tweaking the drone around and making hasty part replacements is a compulsory element of the game.

Besides furnishing a clean and smooth surface for drone repairing, a MAGNET CASE pocket is also a part of the front panel that can be used to store loose screws, nuts, bolts, and other metallic components.

It gets even more interesting with the configurable internal components, spacious side pockets, a comfy back panel, and reliable shoulder and waist straps. The Pro variant of this backpack features a laptop compartment while the regular model of the Torvol Rucksack for Racing Drones offers protection from violent weather with its rain cover.

3 – Manfrotto MB BP-1 Professional Drone Backpacks

Manfrotto is a familiar brand name for photography aficionados. Renowned as a leader in the photo, video, and lighting equipment, Manfrotto has gained massive traction amongst fans as well as professionals over the years. So, there is no surprise in the Manfrotto MB BP-1 Professional Drone Backpack being one of the best drone backpacks out there in the market.

The MB BP-1 drone bag is comparatively larger in size in contrast to other entries in this list as it had been doctored specifically for DJI Phantom drones. The inner compartments and dividers have been particularly designed to house the professional-grade drone by DJI.

The Manfrotto MB BP-1 Professional Drone Backpack also boasts sufficient space to accommodate a DSLR camera and a laptop. If this bag is not able to cater to all of your space problems, then we wonder what really will! A suitcase perhaps?

Despite being engineered with the DJI Phantom drones in mind, other drones featuring similar form factors should be able to fit easily inside it. The more popular examples include the Autel X-Star and the 3DR Solo. Having said that, the large size of the drone bag can be a bit of a turn-off for some of the users. If you as in possession of an ultra-portable drone, then it is simply illogical to resort to such a large-sized drone backpack.

4 – PGYTECH OneMo Shoulder Bag

drone backpacks

Let’s move on to a small drone backpack from a large one. The PGYTECH OneMo Shoulder Bag boasts just enough room to house an ultra-portable drone along with some of its accessories. If you own all the essentials of the DJI Fly More combo, then the PGYTECH OneMo Shoulder Bag has been built to incorporate all of its auxiliary items. Thanks to its detachable dividers, the drone backpack can also serve as a camera bag for your DSLR camera.

This incredible drone bag is a fantastic choice if you are not feeling like carrying a backpack. It is way more functional if you’ve got a lot of moving around to do such as for an event shoot. In spite of the small size, the internal compartments of the PGYTECH OneMo Shoulder Bag have been engineered intelligently to ensure hassle-free organization of essentials.

The build quality of the PGYTECH OneMo Shoulder Bag is second to none. Its external surface is coated with polyurethane which renders it waterproof, wear-resistant, and safe from scratches. The drone bag features zippers of the SBS brand which makes the bag splash-proof. High-density XPE foam has been used in building the inner lining along with the compartment dividers to make the drone bag lightweight and ensuring shock absorption.

When it comes to ease of transportation, the PGYTECH OneMo Shoulder Bag is an ideal choice for owners of ultra-portable drones. It does come with certain deficiencies as the space is quite limited. However, with enhanced organization and better planning, you can keep the most needed gizmos on the go!

5 – USA Gear Drone Backpacks

drone backpacks

The USA Gear Drone Backpack does not feature the most attractive and smartest of designs neither is its build that impressive in contrast to the other drone backpacks enlisted here. What really makes it a tantalizing proposition is its price tag of just $40. If you do not want to put an excessive burden on your pocket and want to get your hands on a decent quality backpack, then the USA Gear Drone Backpack is the way to go!

Actually, the drone bag by USA Gear has been designed to house ultra-portable drones along with their auxiliary items. It comes with tons of removable dividers and elastic straps and has the ability to fit different kinds of drones such as DJI Spark, Mavic series, Tello, and Autel Evo.

The USA Gear Drone Backpack is large enough to house all the essential drone accessories. However, there is a place for a laptop or a tablet. In terms of size, the drone backpack by USA Gear is smaller than even your conventional day-trip backpack. This is a decent option if you are not planning to carry a lot of weight but can prove to be telling if you are someone who travels with plenty of gadgets.

Another downside of the USA Gear Drone Backpack is that only its base is waterproof. This can come in handy if you are forced to put the drone down on a damp surface but if you get stranded in rain, it won’t do any good to you!

Choosing the right drone bag

Owners of a smaller drone do not have to be anxious about the size of the drone bag that they require as a backpack of just about any size could do well for them. Having said that, it is always going to be fitting if you get your hands on a dedicated drone bag for your quadcopter to ensure its safety along with its paraphernalia. These backpacks are built to sustain rugged environments and boats specially designed internal compartments to keep your equipment secure.

Here are some of the factors that you need to take into account before purchasing a drone backpack.

Size: The size of the drone, the number of batteries that you need to be along with you, the length, duration, and nature of your trips are some of the aspects that can help you decide the drone bag that you should get. Larger-sized bags cannot always be the right choice as smaller-sized backpacks can prove to be a lot more beneficial.

Reconfigurable compartments: Third-party brands are always a better choice when it comes to drone bags. OEM bags are dedicated to a particular model of the drone while adjustable compartments are available in third-party drone bags. Flexibility can always come in handy as you never know the number of auxiliary items you need to carry on certain trips.

Water resistance: Drone backpacks are typically made of soft fabric and zipper enclosures so they cannot be expected to be 100% waterproof. Having said that, drone backpacks should be able to provide a certain satisfactory degree of water resistance. Your bag should provide protection against splashes of water or light rain. If you get stranded in heavy rain, you are in trouble!

Reliability: If you purchase a drone backpack for a well-reputed brand, then its reliability should never be in question. Most of the drone bags are made of Ripstop Nylon which is the same material that is used to build camera bags and hiking backpacks. Some drone bags also come with slightly tough panels that enhance protection against impact.

Drone bag VS Hard case

Bags with hard plastic shells are also available on the market. Whether you get your hands on a drone bag or a hard case, both are a good option. Having said that, there are circumstances when a certain type takes precedence over the other. If you are finding it tough to decide between the fabric bags and the hard case ones, then here are a few factors that you need to take into account.

Purpose of your drone backpacks or bags

If you are planning to bring a drone along on a hike, then a bag would be the way to go. A bag is typically flexible which enables ease of movement. Subtle shifts in shape and weight distribution can make life easier for you on your excursions.

A hard case container can be a good choice if you are driving or on a flight. The hard shell outer surface ensures protection against impact along with moisture. Conditions can always get tricky while driving or during flights so a hard case container can be a reliable option in such cases.

Extent of water-resistance

Even the best drone bags do not provide complete protection against rain. Water can always make its way through the zippers and the fabric can get wet. A moist drone bag can be a huge burden if you are in the middle of a long excursion, both physically as well as financially.

The Wrap Up

A high-quality drone bag is worth investing in if you are an avid drone pilot. Drones are not meant to be flown within the confines of one’s home. As you travel around the globe, drone bags will serve you well against impact and wear and tear. The drone backpack should be able to accommodate all your accessories such as the controller, charging wires, additional batteries, and repair kit in addition to the drone itself.

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